Hello! I’m Judit, owner and designer at The Sweet Designs Shoppe.

I’ve always been passionate about art and design. So, when I was in high school it was no surprise to anyone when I decided to become an architect. My talent and passion for design combined with my search to find a balance as a mother and as a professional led me to create my cookie cutter company.   

My love for decorated cookies and cakes started when my daughter Sara was about to turn one and I decided to make cookies and a cake for her birthday celebration. A few years into my cookie and cake hobby my twins were born.  I really wanted to stay home but still be able to work. So I decided to stop working as an architect and start my own cookie decorating business.  

I created The Sweet Designs Shoppe after I realized that I could not find the cookie cutter designs and sizes I wanted to fulfill the needs of my decorated cookie business. My husband and  put a lot of effort and time printing and designing different prototypes until we created a sturdy cutter with a sharp edge and rounded handle.

I design my collections from my own ideas and/or buy clip art from other designers to create the perfect little collection. After the design is done on paper I test all my cutters by cutting baking and decorating the cookies prior to posting them in my Shoppe.  

I’ve created a Shoppe where you can find designer cookie cutters in a range of sizes that will not only make an amazing individual cookie but also a cookie that will be part of a collection or set of cookies.

I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I do! 

Thank you!!

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