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10 random cookie cutters in different sizes and Designs . These are not misprints.  

These are still PLA Cookie Cutters and must be hand Washed only and cannot be in contact with heat.

Proudly Made in the USA

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c.n. (Livonia, MI, US)

This was my first time ordering from this shop, tbh I kind of expected to get a bunch of Christmas cookie cutters or things I'd have no use for for a while, possibly the reject cookie cutters no one ever buys or a bunch of low priced minis or something i wouldnt use much of.... What I got instead were GREAT. not full sets like some reviews mentioned, but pieces of sets I could complete with my own cutters I already have (: I ordered on Saturday, recieved them by friday. Waiting drove me crazy so definitely order at the beginning of the week rather than a weekend lol (delivery time was great, but the surprise aspect of this box had me at my window every day waiting with anticipation)
What I recieved in my box were 2 off season minis, and two regular off season cutters, one of which looks alot like a baby onesie or bathing suit if you flip it over so, I'll be using it this summer too (:
I also got half of a mother's day cookie set which is awesome since that's coming up quick! Teacher appreciation too, they did a fabulous job sending genuinely useful and fun cutters. If you're a new cookier trying to expand your collection for sales and what not, this is the box for you. I wish I could buy another right now but I think I'd better wait a couple weeks to lessen the chances of getting doubles. 🤔
A few of the cutters I recieved can easily be turned into something else for other seasons so I'm extremely pleased with this order 🥰 the quality of these cutters is fabulous BTW, each one had the design printed on the edge for easy lookup, they suggest wiggling the cutter when using them, it makes a huge difference. My cookies come out so sharp and smooth.

Robin (Moultrie, GA, US)

Love my cutters

K.R. (San Antonio, TX, US)
BEST VALUE ever!!!

This is THE most FaBuLOUS box of cutters!!! Each one a pleasant surprise.
I received 2 entire sets! and other misc. cutters. Will Order AGAIN!


Great mix of cutters!!

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