Stencil Holder Genie - 5.5" Square Stencil Holder

SKU: INV - Genie-Stencil Holder
Size: 5.5" square

INCLUDES: 1 (One) - 5.5" square, two piece frame, with a 1/4” thick side and a 3/8” thick side that bonded neodyne magnets aid in holding a stencil securely above your cookie (US patent 10383350).

Injection molded,  Made in the USA.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Frame is hand wash only. Just a light rinse or wipe down with a wet towel will clean it right up! Do NOT soak your Stencil Genie or run it under water, as it will loosen up your magnets!!! Always store your Stencil Genie with frame pieces separated and magnet sides down!


Using your Stencil Genie with royal icing

Using your Stencil Genie with both an airbrush and royal icing

Customer Reviews

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This makes stenciling sooo much easier.


Made all the difference in using a stencil!

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