Turkey Platter Set - Cookie Cutter(s)

SKU: Set of 9 - Turkey Set001

PRODUCT INFORMATION: The Cookie Cutter shape is only the silhouette of the sketch(image). The line work can be used as a reference to decorate your cookie when you purchase the cookie cutter.

They make great gifts, as favors, Holidays and addition to regular size decorated Cookie Sets. My favorite way to package them is in Cellophane Bags and Mason Jars.
This set includes 9 Cookie Cutters :

- See Image for Cutter size and Shape of each cutter. As a set you can create an 11" platter

*Feather 3 has to be cut 13 times

*Feather 2 has to be cut 9 times

*Feather 1 has to be cut 9 times

*Wing has to be cut 2 times

*Foot has to be cut 2 times

MATERIAL AND CARE: This Cookie Cutter is 3D printed with food safe PLA. Because of the nature of PLA this Cookie Cutter is HAND WASH ONLY. Do not use hot water to wash, do not soak your Cutters or use them to cut hot Cookie dough. Avoid any contact with heat or your Cookie Cutter will melt.

PLA Cookie Cutters can be damaged if not stored properly.

SIZE: Cookie Cutter dimensions may vary from 1/16" to 1/8". All Cookie Cutters have a thickness of 4/5" (21mm).

COLOR: Color of the Cutters may vary.

CUTTING TIPS: When cutting, wiggle your Cutter for best results. Use flour to keep the dough from sticking to the Cutter, or corn starch if cutting into fondant. If cutting Cookie dough, cold dough works best.
Proudly Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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B. (Mukwonago, WI, US)
Gobble Gobble

This turkey platter is so fun to make. It makes is relatively easy to do , and makes a great Thanksgiving gift.

FM (Sacramento, CA, US)
Adorable family size platter, Make sure to use the circle cutter

This platter is so cute and is a must have for those who have a lot of mouths to feed! I recieved my cutters just in time for Thanksgiving. I'm so happy with the simple design of this platter because I was able to decorate it quickly and it still came out cute. It makes a fairly large bird. An important thing to note is that this platter comes with a circle cutter. At first I didn't know what it was for and I didn't cut a circle cookie. However, once I started to assemble my turkey feathers, I realized there was a big hole in the middle and the second layer started to cave in. This is what that circle cookie cutter is for, to fill in the hole upon assembly. So make sure you cut out a circle for your cookie platter, so your feathers don't move. I should have thought that through but I'm a cookie rookie. So you live and learn. My turkey still came out cute, but his feathers were a little off center. So make sure to cut a circle cookie for the center to avoid any issues. The whole platter was a hit with my family and I can't wait to make it again next year. :D

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