Rainy Day Set - Cutters for Box 12" x 5"

$28.00 $22.40
SKU: Set of 4 - RainyDaySet001 R
Size: Set of 4 Cutters - Regular Size

PRODUCT INFORMATION:  The Cookie Cutter shape is only the silhouette of the sketch(image). The line work can be used as a reference to decorate your cookie when you purchase the cookie cutter.

This set includes 4 Regular Size Cookie Cutters: 

1 - Bunny Raincoat Regular Size - Cutter
1 - Bunny Umbrella Regular Size - Cutter
1 - Easter Carrots Rain Boot Regular Size - Cutter

1 - Bunny Backpack Regular Size - Cutter

MATERIAL AND CARE: This Cookie Cutter is 3D printed with food safe PLA. Because of the nature of PLA this Cookie Cutter is HAND WASH ONLY. Do not use hot water to wash, do not soak your Cutters or use them to cut hot Cookie dough. Avoid any contact with heat or your Cookie Cutter will melt.

PLA Cookie Cutters can be damaged if not stored properly.

SIZE: Cookie Cutter dimensions may vary from 1/16" to 1/8". All Cookie Cutters have a thickness of 0.9" (23mm).

COLOR: Color of the Cutters may vary.

CUTTING TIPS: When cutting, wiggle your Cutter for best results. Use flour to keep the dough from sticking to the Cutter, or corn starch if cutting into fondant. If cutting Cookie dough, cold dough works best.

DESIGN BY: ©The Sweet Designs Shoppe.

Proudly Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Donna (Spring Hill, FL, US)

I just love your Shoppe. I’ve been a frequent shopper since I first found ya, and I must admit I’m still like a small child at Christmas morning when I receive my orders from you. You pack them so perfectly. And the prices are wonderful. I love everything about your Shoppe. I just thought I needed to write a review because you really take well care of your customers. The speedy delivery is great too. And the cutters are out of this world. There’s nobody I’d rather buy from then from you. Keep up the great work. Definitely a 5 stars business. I’d give more if I could.❤️

Melissa Antola (Palm Bay, FL, US)
Just Love!!

This is the first time I ordered @ sweet design shoppe. I literally just got my package and just wanted to say how impressed I am with the delivery! I just LOVED the packaging materials! My order came SO quickly! I ordered from 3 other shops the same evening and not one other has even shipped yet! The cutters are awesome- first time I got cutters that even without being a saying each cutter is labeled with what it is....BIG PLUS! Definitely will be my go to shop! Kudos to you!
Only thing I would add to order if possible would be a black/white photo of design. That would be the double icing!!
Even without that you guys are just AWESOME!
I rarely ever write reviews but you guys hands down deserved it!!

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